Friday, 3 August 2012


These questions come from parts of the Noble Leader Program. The interesting thing about these 3 simple questions is how you answer them. If you are not sincere and truthful to yourself then you will not see the benefit of the questions and may continue to be disillusioned.

If you answer them with your Heart then the results and your decision will be obvious. If you answer them immediately with 3 positive “YES’s” then you should be grateful but if not then the choice and decision will rest with you.

My research finds very few people who can answer each question with a immediate positive response.

Question 1:

Are you proud of the work that you do?

Question 2:

Are you proud of your Boss?

Question 3:

Are you proud of your Company?

These are such simple questions but the impact of them is felt strongly in the workplace today with an increasing lack of engagement by people at all levels.