Monday, 27 February 2012

The 3 Ps of Success

Success and the 3 P's.

Of course these are only words and words will give each of us our own idea of that which someone else is trying to explain or suggest or clarify for us. Even when we read a book we are still internally translating the words on the pages and the combination of a series of those words creates a mental picture unique to each of us. And so it is with these words "Success and the P's".

Much has been written about success and what it means and how to achieve it. After a long time of research and reflection I have come to a conclusion that when we use the words "success" mostly we create a specific image of what others tell us that success looks like. Riches, fame and fortune??

Is that what it is or is it something more lasting? Surely these material objects that represent success are very tangible but not lasting. New cars, bigger homes, bigger TVs, more prestigious titles, promotions etc etc etc-and the list goes on.

But none of this is success which is why I have decided to redefine the meaning but to a different word. A word that creates a different image in our minds. This word is fulfilment. Fulfilment makes us feel a different sense of achievement-a different feeling in so many ways.

So therefore we are now looking at the 3 P's that will give us the true lasting meaning of the word success which is really "fulfilment".

These 3 words are:

Pro-activity-if we are not proactive and move in the right direction towards our goals whatever they may be then nothing will happen. Nothing happens unless we can visualise it first. Absolutely everything comes from visualisation from within.

Persistence-we will find  many obstructions along the way but if we believe in ourselves and our vision and personal mission-our Noble Cause-with only Noble Intent then we can always find our way for we only have to persist.

Patience-with patience all things can be realised. We learn to understand with wisdom that things of value take time to mature. These things of value are our thoughts, our plans and intentions. It is always easy for others to discredit our intentions regardless of how Noble we think we are. With Patience all things come at the right time. If we rush something then we will diminish its value-all things need time to mature until it is ready. This comes from Patience.


Consequently we are really looking for "fulfilment" in our lives and we can achieve this by being 'Pro-active" with our intentions and plans-showing Persistence in our attempts and our self belief-and practising Patience to allow the maturity of our Noble Intentions.

All of the above should then be practised with a particular mental attitude and a way of looking and treating oneself. This is the way of Dignity. Treat ourselves with dignity and always treat others with even greater dignity.

This is the Way to True Fulfilment.