Thursday, 19 January 2012

What did I learn today?

What did I learn today? Tonight I had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening with some equally beautiful friends and in the course of the evening I started to reflect on something that was taught to me many years ago by my father. At the end of the school day my family would all sit around the dinner table and my father would ask me- "so what did you learn today?". Usually my face would be a blank and this would of course reflect my mind. I could remember nothing! I would say "I don't know' and then my father would ask me "how could that be-you were only there a few hours ago and yet you cannot remember anything that you did in the whole day-was there anything really important that you discovered?"- Another blank stare from me with the answer -" I don't know!

Eventually I came to understand that I had to remember things during my school day so when asked at the end of the day this question I would have something to answer. I could not just make it up because it had to be the truth and if it was a lie then I know that he would know and that would become even worse. So I had to remember.

As I became older I discovered the real value in this question and today in some of our Programs we feature the personal exercise called "What did I learn yesterday?". We remind people that at the end of each day we should all find time to reflect on the most important learning of that day. Reflect on it and think about it. Because as we continue doing this we start to learn more about our self and we can see that this is not only a part of our own self development but also self awareness and from this greater emerging self understanding we find wisdom.

When you practise this exercise you will then start to see a few benefits on the path to wisdom.

Firstly we begin to understand ourselves better
Secondly we learn that by understanding ourselves better we can then understand others better
Thirdly we learn that regardless of how different we all look we all basically are the same-we share the same deep doubts and uncertainties within life. By understanding ourselves better in turn we can see how all things and all people fit together.

In doing this exercise on a regular basis we therefore commence the development of self wisdom and this is one of the key elements of being a Noble Leader. Learn about yourself by asking this question:

"What did I learn today?"

After this very pleasant evening I returned to my home and went for a walk and in so doing I began to reflect on this question and this is what I discovered:

"Let me tell you about Sasha-he is always happy -very happy-happy to be with me-happy to be with others-happy to meet new people -happy to go walking and happy to go for a drive in the car. When he is busy doing things that he sees as important then he is very focused but still happy-when he is hungry he eats and when he is tired then he sleeps-when he wants just to sit then he just sits. He knows the value of drinking plenty of water each day and also the benefits of a long walk each day. He is very health conscious.

He is always very welcoming to all guests -he truly greets them and makes them all feel special as if they are the only person in the room. When they leave he always makes them feel that their presence has truly made his day. He loves everybody unconditionally-he is not prejudiced at all. At the start of each day he runs to me and greets me like we have not seen each other for such a long time. I love Sasha very much and although he seems also to love everyone else I do hope that he loves me the most.

Sasha is my dog and so I can ask myself "What did I learn today".

Sasha taught me the value of being happy regardless of the circumstances. He taught me just to be myself and to be spontaneous. He reminded me of the importance and benefits of the simple things in life. He is indeed a Noble Dog and in his way a wonderful Noble Leader.