Saturday, 5 November 2011

Effective Mind Management for Leaders

How many people truly know how to use their mind effectively? Firstly in this demanding World today most people are reactive. Something happens to us and we instantly react either in a negative or positive way. We feel disappointment when things don't go our way, or we even feel angry or hurt and this impacts our mind and in turn impacts our attitudes, our efficiency, effectiveness and performance. Every negative or self destructive thought or feeling or action creates an obstacle that hinders the true capability of the Mind. The more we react to circumstances around us in this kind of way then we are very effectively training our Mind to go down this reactive negative and self destructive path.

By following this mental process we are creating habits. When it is a habit then it just happens automatically and so the damage continually expands in our Mind and interrupts our capability to be a truly Noble Inspirational Leader.

A true Leader should be unaffected by such things-they should have the capability to rise above all the circumstances that can drag one down. Their role is to give hope and encouragement to others and this can never happen if the Leader is constantly being negatively affected in their mind.

So let us look at the way this can be achieved. Most people would of course say that they are not like this-that they have some destructive thoughts towards themselves or towards others but this does not affect their work performance. It is easy to say it but logically it just does not happen. It is in the nature of humans to be negative and destructive mentally. This is why stress, anxiety and depression is constantly rising throughout the World. If this is unbelievable to you then please just look at any aspect of the media and the truth of negativity sits clearly there. We are constantly bombarded with destructive news and information. The media machine seems to feed on anxiety, disasters, terrorist threats and celebrity gossip.

So what can a leader do to keep their mind free of all the external information and all the internal self destructive ways of thinking and yet, at the same time keep their mind healthy and logical?

This is one of many ways:

Imagine yourself to be the kind of leader that you would admire. Someone who is calm in all circumstances. Someone who is respected by all. Someone who holds themselves with poise and dignity and who is free of all discriminatory ways of thinking. In other words visualise your ideal Leader filled with integrity and authenticity. This then is your ideal.

Everyday you must visualise in absolute clarity that this is your goal-this kind of Leader is the way you want to be. Practice the art of watching your mind. See the kind of words that you use in your self talk. Patiently remove all the negative self talk and replace it with your own creation words and phrases that epitomize the leadership characteristics that you want. Don't try to adopt too many at once -be patient and select 2 or 3 only. As you repeat these words and phrases to yourself you must be calm and relaxed and really focused on those words and the meaning of them for you. This is critical -you have to give your mind the time to listen and understand the objective. Remember that you are breaking well practiced thought patterns which are habitual and so this will take time.

These phrases to practice will become your personal corporate mantra and so to attain this level you can practice the following:

"In every possible way throughout every moment of each day I am filled with poise, clarity and calmness".

Practice this often-this should be done hundreds of times each day and slowly over time you will see the nature of your self-talk change as you start to Self Manage your Mind.